A strength of CiviCRM is that it integrates all the ways you connect with your supporters. The real power, however, comes in the ways it can be extended to meet your specific needs. AGH Strategies can work with you to design and build customizations to handle nearly anything—and we can advise you on the tradeoffs and pitfalls involved in various options.

Customizations can be something as small as adding membership status to the summary tab or job titles to the relationship list on a contact record. They can simplify complex tasks like creating an all-in-one form to update a contact and add activities, grants, and relationships in one step.

We work closely with the rest of the CiviCRM community, and that means several benefits to you:

  • Your decisions are informed by new and upcoming features in CiviCRM,
  • We can collaborate with others to build a more robust solution than your budget alone might allow,
  • Where possible, we build solutions that can be broadly applicable and absorbed into future versions of CiviCRM, reducing your long-term maintenance costs, and
  • You get the warm feeling of collaborating with and supporting the open-source community.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Donor Tier Report

The Donor Tier Report adds a new contribution report template for

  • viewing donor totals grouped by up to four tiers such as “major donor” or “small donor”,
  • filtering donors by tier, and
  • if a date filter is set, displaying whether a donor is “new”, meaning that they have never made a contribution prior to period you're filtering for.

Thanks to the State YMCA of Georgia for commissioning the initial version.

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CiviCRM Contribution Page Widget

Displays contribution page widgets from CiviContribute as native WordPress widgets.

CiviCRM contribution pages allow you to generate a “widget” showing the progress toward a goal. This plugin makes it easy to include one or more contribution page “widgets” as actual WordPress widgets on your sidebar.

This plugin requires CiviCRM 4.3 or higher.

Download it here

Check out the code on GitHub

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Dealing with old certificates from

Archived only: you should no longer need to apply these changes.  See second update.

We recently dealt with problems for CiviCRM clients with the payment processor after performing a minor upgrade on Ubuntu servers.  The new ca-certificates package no longer carries some older root certificates, and among those is the CA certificate needed for  The result is that donors through CiviCRM see an error when they try to donate:

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CiviCRM Counties Extensions

We’re happy to introduce the US Counties extension for CiviCRM, allowing an easy method to load all the counties in the United States.

Using the extension

Enabling the extension runs the county loader, which loads all the counties in each state if they aren’t already in your database.  From that point, the extension does nothing.  You can even disable the extension, and the counties will stay there.  Uninstalling the extension also does nothing, for an important reason: it could cause data loss by deleting data stored in addresses.

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CiviEvent Widget for WordPress

screenshot of the widgetYou can use the CiviEvent widget to add two types of widgets for upcoming public events from CiviCRM. There’s no limit to the number of widgets you can add of either type. You can include the widgets in the sidebar like normal, or you can include them via shortcodes in the body of your posts.

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Populate Employer for Anonymous Users (CiviCRM Extension)

This is the official documentation page for the Popemployer extension.  It’s really simple—enable the extension, make sure anonymous users have “Access AJAX API” permission, and you’re all set.  Only anonymous visitors will see the effect, and only if the form has both an email field and a current employer field.

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