Populate Employer for Anonymous Users (CiviCRM Extension)

This is the official documentation page for the Popemployer extension.  It’s really simple—enable the extension, make sure anonymous users have “Access AJAX API” permission, and you’re all set.  Only anonymous visitors will see the effect, and only if the form has both an email field and a current employer field.

When a visitor types an email address, the extension checks to see if the email matches an individual in CiviCRM.  If there’s a match, and the contact has a current employer, the current employer field is populated with the employer’s name.  The employer field is then hidden, with plain text in its place and a note that you can click it to edit the field.  Nothing more than that—the goal is simply to help people find their employer if it’s already set.

Download it at http://civicrm.org/extensions/popemployer