CiviMail SMTP Cost Calculator

If you are using CiviCRM’s built-in bulk email system, you may want to use a third-party SMTP system instead of sending large quantities of mail directly from your server. 

There are a number of options, and Andie Hunt wrote a blog post on about some popular choices.  The post includes the general pricing plans and the costs at certain email thresholds, but we’ve now built a calculator for comparing your costs across all the options.

Note that some providers require you to pick a monthly plan (which includes a number of free messages), while others simply charge per message.  Experiment with estimating above and below your typical number of emails to see what the range could be.

Calculate your SMTP costs

Note:This calculator is based upon published pricing as of the date the code was written. We do not represent the companies listed, and we are not responsible for price changes made by the service providers.