We take pride in our depth of knowledge of CiviCRM and the nonprofit sector.  First and foremost, a CRM system is there to help you manage your organization’s relationships and interact well with your supporters.  Likewise, our staff bring years of experience in the nonprofit sector—we’ve been in your shoes and can build solutions that meet your real-life needs.

Our roles

Principal: Andrew Hunt

Software development: Alice Frumin, Eli Lisseck, and Tyrell Cook

Implementation management: Josh Corlew

Support and administration: Tommy Bobo

Tommy Bobo, Systems Director

I joined AGH Strategies in September 2014 as a Nonprofit Database Specialist. Previously I was the Development Associate at the Friends Committee on National Legislation. While there I was in charge of database administration, monthly giving, and income reporting.

I came to the nonprofit database world through a graphic design temp job that slowly turned into a development temp job. Though my first experience with an open source database was configuring a candle store’s online store. If you ever want to discuss the best way to sort fragrant candles, I am more than willing. I am also a working visual artist and fine arts educator.

Tyrell Cook, CRM Developer

I joined AGH Strategies in August of 2013 as a CRM Developer. My background is in web development specializing in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I am a natural problem solver who loves dealing with the complexities that come with coding.  Meanwhile, I have numerous years of experience volunteering for non-profits including everything from basic event set up to being a board member.

Having seen the inner workings of a non profit, I was amazed to see what CiviCRM can do for an organization. I am excited to contribute towards the advancement of CiviCRM and to assist AGH Strategies in being a valuable asset to non-profits across the globe.

Josh Corlew, Project Lead

Before joining AGH Strategies in the summer of 2017, I lived in Nashville, TN. After studying Information Systems and Management in undergrad, I worked for an Internet Service Provider for over 6 years before leaving the IT world for nonprofits in 2007. I served two years as an AmeriCorps volunteer after which I created several youth development programs through the lens of urban agriculture. These programs served hundreds of young people and utilized thousands of volunteers in activities ranging from tilling fields to building curriculum evaluation metrics. In 2016 I completed a Masters in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities which gave me a systems-oriented view to building resiliency.

My experience in the IT sector gave me a unique perspective as a program manager about ways data can be used. Data can be a powerful asset, though working with data systems can be frustrating sometimes. I believe technology should improve our work rather than impede it, so I look forward to helping you design systems that work for you rather than the other way around.

Alice Frumin, CRM Developer

I joined AGH Strategies in February of 2016 as a CRM Developer after completing General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive and using CiviCRM in my role as Operations Manager at the National Center for Creative Aging to organize contacts, run event registrations, track contributions, and manage memberships.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Go Badgers!

Andrew G. Hunt, Principal

My background is in nonprofit governance and environmental programs, so I didn’t seek out data management—it just caught up with me. After years directing programs and serving on the boards of community-based and regional nonprofits, I knew that the only thing more frustrating than working with nonprofit database systems was trying to wing it without one. At the same time, a promising new open-source system came along: CiviCRM.

I’m experienced in implementing CiviCRM, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal for nonprofits, associations, and political organizations, integrating membership, donations, program outcomes, events, grants, and bulk email.  My experience started out of necessity in 2006: Common Ground Athens needed a CRM, and we didn’t have much of a budget. Soon enough, other organizations sought my expertise in translating their needs to an efficient, effective database system.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s College and a Master’s from the University of Georgia Institute for Nonprofit Organizations.

Eli Lisseck, CRM Developer

Before joining AGH Strategies, I came from a farming apprenticeship to work as the IT & Database Manager for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. NESEA was my first real experience driving an organization using primarily open source tools—I learned a ton and found great satisfaction working with CiviCRM there.

I hold a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College, and a Permaculture Design Certification.

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