Training & Support

AGH Strategies offers different levels of training and support, depending on your needs, experience and goals. We are able to offer in person and over the phone and email support.  Even if your site was built in-house or by a Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress developer, we can work with you as your CiviCRM consultant for structured training or periodic assistance as you need.

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On-site CiviCRM Training

We can build a training plan to match how you use CiviCRM and your CMS—Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. With a variety of formats and deep experience in the nonprofit sector, our trainers can work with you to jumpstart adoption of your CRM, introduce new features, or orient new staff.  Available to travel to your office, we can help you make the most of your investment in CiviCRM.

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Remote Virtual Training

Webinar training is an affordable alternative to on-site training, especially if your staff is spread among several locations.  It’s also a good option for a series of shorter trainings in addition to or in place of an on-site training if you’re outside the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  We can provide how-to sessions using your own site so everything is immediately familiar when it comes time to apply what you learn.

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Public Training Programs

AGH Strategies offers more in-person CiviCRM training sessions than anywhere else—part of our commitment to making CiviCRM an accessible option for grassroots nonprofits with limited budgets.  Whether two hours or two days, our sessions combine technical how-to steps with real-world nonprofit best practices to help CiviCRM work effectively for you.

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Ongoing Support

Small or large, organizations find it helpful to have a partner in implementing and using CiviCRM.  With our hourly billing structure, there’s no minimum commitment; we can respond to technical issues or serve as a friendly guide.

Consider AGH Strategies for your training and support needs if:

  • You just started a job where you inherited a CiviCRM installation and you have never used it (or any other CRM) before.
  • Your organization just started using CiviCRM.
  • You encountered some (or lots of) trouble after upgrading CiviCRM
    Example: Your contribution page isn’t functional post upgrade or one of your scheduled jobs isn’t processing.
  • You are interested in using a new CiviCRM feature
    Example: You are only using CiviCRM to handle online donations but you are a membership organization, and would like to start using CiviMember as well, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You are struggling with one area in CiviCRM
    Examples: Has your mail suddenly stopped going out? Are your users having trouble registering for events? We can help you work through and troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your CiviCRM installation.

If this sounds like it applies to you at all, please contact us to set up a time to talk about your needs and goals.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep your site running smoothly is to maintain it regularly.  Regular CiviCRM releases provide new features, bug fixes, and security improvements, and our monitoring services help make sure your site is functioning well.  Read more about options for maintenance and monitoring.

Upcoming Training Programs

January 17

CiviCRM New User Online Training

This two-hour online training will introduce new users to the most popular components of CiviCRM, how it works with your website, how you can find support when you need it, and how to create new contacts, profiles, custom fields, contributions, and events.

Training & Support News

CiviMail Start to Finish

January 14, 2015

CiviMail is an integral part of CiviCRM's core functionality, but setup can seem daunting, and many users continue to send their emails through a separate vendor.  They're missing out on the benefits of using CiviCRM to send customized, targeted messages to their supporters.This training will help you configure CiviMail, transition from another bulk email vendor to CiviCRM, and make best use of tightly integrated CRM and bulk email. At this four-hour training you will learn:

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