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Comprehensive hosting and support for CiviCRM and the websites it powers

AGH Strategies helps organizations build and strengthen relationships with their supporters using industry-leading open-source software.

What We Offer

With CiviCRM experience since 2006, our team can help you implement, maintain, customize, and optimize, this powerful tool — and building on open-source tools means that anything is possible.

Who We Are

Each member of our team brings years of experience in the nonprofit sector. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re ready build sustainable solutions that meet your real-life needs.

Your CiviCRM Partner

While CiviCRM is free, open-source software, there are costs to install and maintain the software. Learning to use such a powerful system requires investing time and often, professional support. For most organizations, hiring a CiviCRM partner like AGH Strategies can be the most affordable and efficient way to get started or scale up.

Our experience with CiviCRM makes it easier to build out the custom functionality you’re looking for.  We frequently extend features to be included in new versions of CiviCRM, helping the community and lowering clients’ maintenance costs. Comprehensive support and hosting plans start at just $210 per month.