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CiviCRM Implementation

CiviCRM is an open-source tool for tracking and connecting with your organization’s supporters. It includes tools for storing and searching for this information, but unlike many tools, it features easy-to-build donation forms, event registration, bulk email, and data collection form built right into your Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress site. Don’t have one of those content management systems? We can build a new site for you or set up CiviCRM on its own.

With your website, CiviCRM is hosted online, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Open-source software, it’s free to download and install yourself. Why involve us? We bring extensive experience with CiviCRM, and our staff have backgrounds in nonprofit fundraising, program management, and advocacy.

Setup & Configuration

We learn about your organization’s operations, data needs, and website status, and we plan an installation that meets your current needs and future possiblities. For most organizations, the cost of hiring CiviCRM professionals is significantly less than the lost staff time of tinkering with it yourself or dealing with a system that doesn’t match your work process.

Initial configuration means making decisions about how to store information. Is something an attribute that belongs on a contact’s record, or is it really an activity to be recorded as involving the contact? Through conversation with clients, we solve these problems with our understanding of CiviCRM’s data structure and built-in tools as well as experience with dozens of organizations in similar situations.

Server, website, and CiviCRM configuration and installation starts at $1,000 with AGH Strategies, and includes 12 months of optimized hosting at no additional cost. Contact us to begin the conversation about your group’s needs.

Comprehensive Support & Hosting

AGH Strategies offers different levels of training, support, and development, depending on your needs, experience and goals, and we often work with in-house developers, or other outside web vendors to help build new solutions, or maintain your existing workflows. Our comprehensive support and hosting plans start at just $250 per month, with options to include additional time per month to meet your team’s needs.

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