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When should I upgrade? Navigating issues, release candidates, and the cost of change

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Andie Hunt spoke at CiviCon St. Louis 2017 about how to take control of your organization’s upgrade cycle.

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A new version of CiviCRM is released each month. Each release brings improved features and fixes bugs, but it also may introduce new bugs. Upgrading CiviCRM takes time, so it isn’t cost-effective to always upgrade to the latest release. However, falling behind raises the stakes for the inevitable upgrade you do make, and it can leave you with persistent annoyances or security vulnerabilities. This session will help provide strategies for keeping your site updated while not feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel of upgrades. It covers the tools available for you to evaluate and prioritize releases for upgrading as well as opportunities to see what’s coming in future releases. Finally, you’ll learn how to be proactive about release testing to make sure you’re confident and prepared for an upgrade–and to help the wider community in the process.