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We are open and “Essential”

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While we are working to prevent COVID-19 infections and illness, AGH Strategies is an Essential Business under Mayor’s Order 2020-053. As providers of donor management, grantmaking, membership, and case management systems for nonprofits, our operations fall under the following items under section IV.1 of the order:

a. Social Services Providing the Necessities of Life, namely “organizations or components of organizations that process eligibility for such services”.

b. Communications and Information Technology.

As such, we are “strongly encouraged to remain open” under section III.1 of the order. We are maintaining Social Distancing Requirements within the office, the number of staff physicaly in the office is reduced, and we are open by appointment only. We do not expect occupancy of more than ten people at any time.

Employee travel to and from the office is permitted under section II.3 of Mayor’s Order 2020-054.