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Event Additional Signup Extension

This extension provides the ability to offer an additional event registration or membership when registering for an event.

Usage is simple:
  1. When creating or editing a price option (a radio or checkbox option for a price field), you may select “Other sign up” as Participant or Membership.
  2. Select the membership type or event that the membership or participant record should be created for.
  3. People who select the option while registering for an event that uses your price set will then be registered for the other event or have a membership added.
  • The payment is not associated with the membership or participant record.  You may want to accommodate this in bookkeeping, or you may not care.  (And what you consider to be the other event’s share of the income might be greater than the option’s price.)
  • Memberships are started/renewed immediately, even if the event registration is pay-later.
  • Options corresponding to events that are full will be disabled, even if a waitlist is available.  (A notice and link will allow joining the waitlist separately.)
  • Options corresponding to events that are in the past, or with registration closing dates in the past, will be disabled.
  • If options correspond to events that have registration opening dates in the future, or with the “Allow online registration” box unchecked, that will not affect whether they’re enabled.  A common use case is to only allow registration for one event via another event.

Source code at GitHub

CiviCRM Extension Page