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Recent Updates

  • Dealing with old certificates from

    Archived only: you should no longer need to apply these changes.  See second update. We recently dealt with problems for CiviCRM clients with the payment processor after performing a minor upgrade on Ubuntu servers.  The new ca-certificates package no longer carries some older root certificates, and among those is the CA certificate needed for…


  • Managing volunteers with CiviVolunteer

    CiviVolunteer is one of several tools within CiviCRM that you can use to manage and cultivate volunteers for your nonprofit.  Our team of experts at AGH Strategies knows CiviVolunteer inside and out, from helping you decide whether and how to use the extension to enhancing it with custom code to meet your needs. Organizations that…


  • CiviMail versus external email services

    Deciding whether to use CiviMail or another service like MailChimp or Constant Contact with your CiviCRM system? We support both, and we put together the following comparison table.