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Recent Updates

  • CiviCRM 101 Webinar

    Mika Weinstein led a CiviCRM 101 webinar introducing CiviCRM’s capabilities and interface. Watch the webinar for free here:


  • CiviCRM Profiles – Beyond Contributions & Registrations

    Profiles are ubiquitous in CiviCRM. Most people are familiar with using them in Event Registrations and Contribution Forms. Using profiles on these forms allows you to gather useful information, but that limits when you can collect and update this information. Profiles can also be used outside these forms. We’ve used Drupal for the screenshots, if…


  • How to create one-click personalized links in CiviCRM emails

    One of the real advantages of CiviCRM is having an integrated donation, event registration, membership, and email system where information is already in the system.  One of the best features is among the least-publicized: personalized links in emails that auto-populate the contribution, petition, event registration, or other form for the recipient. The result is that…